Shifty Cat Filter Mishap

as at 26 May 2021
The sudden and unexpected rise of online conferencing due to Covid social distancing requirements presented our firm and many users alike with a range of technical troubleshooting difficulties.
On the lighter side, however, we have also enjoyed a giggle or two thanks to Zoom’s nifty filter features (See video here). Indeed, on 9 February 2021, Lawyer, Rod Ponton went viral overnight because he accidentally presented himself as a little rogue and shifty cat during a formal court setting. Despite the initial mishap in an otherwise strictly professional setting, Mr Ponton was delighted to be able to bring some happiness and laughter to us all during these uncertain and unprecedented times.
I am here live. I’m not a cat” – Rod Ponton.
Only something a cat pretending to be a lawyer would say to avoid exposure. 

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