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Criminal Injury Compensation Claims Perth

If you have recently sustained injury as a victim of a crime or a close relative was killed as a result of a criminal offence,  you may be eligible for compensation from the WA Government’s Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme.

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Act provides monetary compensation if you suffer bodily injury, mental harm, a nervous shock, or pregnancy. It is important that you see your general practitioner immediately if you have been injured to discuss the injuries and their effects on your mental and physical health.

Compensation may be sought for an incident reported to the police whether a person has been charged, identified or convicted of the offence.

It is important to be aware that in most circumstances, there is a three-year time limit from the date of the offence on making a compensation claim. Once the three years time limit has passed, you may no longer be eligible for compensation. Exceptions apply if you or a family member was a victim of sexual harassment or abuse. Generally, a victim of sexual abuse or harassment may claim at any time subject to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Department and the Civil Liability Act 2002 (WA).

If the offender is charged with the offence and awaiting trial, you must wait until the trial has been finalised to lodge your claim. During this time, Templar Legal can built detailed submissions as to your damages and provide detailed legal advice in relation to compensation.  In some circumstances, you may proceed with a claim immediately. Contact us on (08) 9388 6639 to discuss.

For more information, contact our office now for obligation-free advice on your eligibility to pursue a Criminal Injuries Compensation Claim.


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Fatal Accident Compensation Claims Perth

If a loved one has passed away due to the negligence of another person and you were dependent on the loved one, you may be able to pursue a fatal accident claim.

The most common claims are made by husbands, wives and/or children of the deceased person via the legal personal representative of their Estate (for example an Executor).

We can assist by advising of the amounts of compensation you might expect and by gathering evidence to further quantify your claim.

A fatal accident claim must be pursued within three years from the date your loved one has passed away. If a claim is not pursued, you may be statute-barred from receiving compensation.

It is important to seek legal advice as soon as possible if a loved one has passed away and you believe it is due to negligence. To enquire, please contact our office for obligation-free advice.


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Workers’ Compensation Claims Perth

If you have recently suffered an injury as a result of your employment, you may be entitled to a workers’ compensation claim. You might also like advice about the amount of compensation payable or offered to you as a lump sum payment.

Workers compensation covers injury or death suffered as a result of a work-related accident. Compensation is via weekly payments, medical expenses, and an impairment lump sum payment (dependent on the severity of your injury), regardless of which party was at fault.  Casual and permanent employees, whether full-time or part-time, are covered. Some self-employed workers, work experience students, and volunteers may also be covered depending on the circumstances.

Injuries suffered at work, as a result of work or during work activities may be:

  • Any injuries while suffered while at work;
  • A disease caused by employment;
  • A disease or a pre-existing condition made worse by employment;
  • Injuries suffered while travelling for employment;

If your insurer rejects your claim, we can assist in resolving the dispute at WorkCover. If you have been recently injured in the workplace, it is important that you seek immediate legal advice and that you are aware of the statutory limitation date which applies to your claim.

In general, all workers’ compensation claims must be made within twelve months of the date the injury occurred.

Please note if your injury is serious, its best to get advice early because if you have more than 15% whole person impairment, there are additional (time-dependent) compensatory damages you may be eligible to access.

To enquire if you are eligible for a workers’ compensation claim, or if you wish to seek advice about the amount of compensation you may get from a work-related injury, submit your enquiry here. Alternatively, contact our office now, and we will provide obligation-free legal advice.


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Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Perth

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident in Western Australia, you may be eligible for compensation as a result of the injuries sustained, regardless of who was at fault.  The Insurance Commission of Western Australia manages all personal and fatal injury claims arising from vehicle collision that involves Western Australian licensed vehicles. The amount of motor vehicle accident compensation you get depends on who was at fault and the amount of compensation depends on the severity of your injuries and the financial loss you have sustained. We are experienced in advising our clients about their compensation entitlements.


If it important to preserve your time limits if you wish to pursue a claim against another driver and notify ICWA of the claim. Depending on your age and the type of claim, there is generally three years from the date of the accident that you must file a claim in Court or you will be legally barred from pursuing a claim. You should notify ICWA as soon as possible and at least within a year of your accident. Court proceedings must be commenced if the claim has not been settled within three years of the injury in order to preserve your entitlements under the claim.

To discuss your eligibility, please contact our office now or submit your enquiry here for obligation-free advice.


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Total & Permanent Disablement Claims

We assist clients to properly prepare for and lodge Total and Permanent Disability (‘TPD’) Claims. We also assist in negotiations where insurers breach their “duty of good faith” to the persons they are insuring.

Often people need legal assistance to deal with TPD insurers whose claim processes can be confusing and protracted and/or, in many cases, unnecessary complex. People often need assistance and advice about their rights when dealing directly with TPD insurers.

For obligation free initial advice, enquire here or contact our office now.


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Public Liability Claims Lawyers Perth

Templar Legal can assist people obtain compensation for injuries sustained and/or property damage or losses arising as a result of the negligence of others.

We have represented people and business in relation to claims against shopping centres, occupier’s liability claims, negligent trespass claims (escaping liquids), escaping animals causing injury or damage and/or negligent structures causing injury and/or damage.

Commonly such claims are made against a “public liability” insurance policy of the property owner.

To discuss your potential eligibility for compensation arising out of a public accident, enquire here or contact our office for obligation-free initial advice.


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