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Templar Legal is a highly experienced boutique law firm with a  cottage character office in Subiaco.

Templar Legal provides legal advice for all aspects of deceased estates, personal injury claims, litigation, commercial law, property law, and estate planning. We also offer our legal advice online or via face-to-face videoconferencing.

In our personal injury division, we mainly assist clients that have been injured at work, while driving, in public, or as a result of a crime. We also provide advice and guidance with Estate Planning.

We provide high-quality service while preserving legal costs. We offer a range of legal fee payment options, some of which involve No Win, No Fee, Deferred Fee Funding (to the conclusion of the matter), and Loan Disbursement Payment plans to make seeking legal advice as financially affordable as possible.  Our rates are also negotiable.

If you find yourself involved in legal proceedings or you require legal advice to avoid legal proceedings, it can be a stressful time for all involved. You must understand the full extent of your rights and the best way to proceed. Our role is to guide you through that process and provide you with a peace of mind.

With personal attention, dedication to your case, and a team committed to achieving the best result possible, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

At Templar Legal, you have access to a team of experienced lawyers and highly experienced barristers. With a strong background in most areas of the law, our qualified team can handle your legal matters efficiently and successfully.

If you require the services of a solicitor in Subiaco or in Armadale, do not hesitate, call us today.

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Our Name

Templar Legal draws its inspiration from the Templar Knights of medieval origin.  The Templar Knights were the predominant administrative and military organisation based in England in the 13th and 14th Century. They established one of Europe’s first banking systems to assist pilgrims in their passage to the Holy land and have a strong association with the early English legal system through the establishment of legal institutions such as the “Inner Temple”, the “Middle Temple” and two of the early “Inns of Court”, which survive to this day.

Whilst much is known about the Templar Knight’s military prowess, what is lesser known is that they were Europe’s first “bankers” predominantly an administrative body providing financial and logistical support to the military arm and to the religious needs of the broader population at that particular time.

Many of the people in the organisation were administrators and provided commercial and estate management services at numerous locations throughout Europe.

Our Quest

To provide quality legal service, illuminate the law, and facilitate financial remedies in a personalised manner.

Like our motto, “constant fortitude”, we aim to be by our client’s side through thick and thin and see the matter through.  We are determined, but personable, seeking to document our client’s instructions carefully to achieve the best commercial result for our clients.

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