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In the interest of our elderly clients and for the occupational health and safety of our staff, please note that if you are experiencing any symptoms or have been exposed to Covid-19 as a close contact or if one or more of our staff are experiencing symptoms, we reserve the right to cancel our face-to-face appointments.

Our legal services are available online and via telephone appointments.  Face to face meetings can also be held via Zoom video conferencing (or other common platforms). Our friendly staff members will coordinate with you to set up an arrangement that will work for you and your family. We also accommodate and encourage in-office face to face appointments.

Due to Covid restrictions, if you have travelled internationally recently or are presenting with common symptoms of flu or have family members in self-isolation; please do not present to our office. We will contact you by phone and arrange an online appointment to discuss your enquiry.

Our State of the Art Online Probate & Will System

It is of utmost importance to us that our clients understand the basic concepts of a Will & Probate application so that when we provide legal advice, our clients are aware of any risks that may arise after a Will is drafted and finalised.  With our ‘easy to use’ online application for Wills & Probates, you are guided through the process on a stage by stage basis. This allows our clients to understand why certain information is important and what role the information has in your application.

Too often we find that many individuals draft basic and inadequate Wills (often found online or in-store) without considering if the Will appropriately captures their wishes and if any difficulties may arise once they pass on. Often, difficulties or ambiguity in the Will gives rise to an Estate Dispute and costs have to be expended to reach a resolution between loved ones.  The costs expended to resolve an Estate Dispute easily overwhelms the price an individual would have paid to receive high-quality legal advice on any contingencies or lack of documentation. The dispute also tend to cause discomfort amongst love ones.

With Templar Legal, we finalise your Will in one appointment while providing detailed legal advice on any problems that may arise. We also provide advice on when Will amendments should be made.  Our clients all pay a one/off fixed fee to spend approximately 1 -3 hours (depending on complexity) with a Solicitor before they take home their finalised Will.  Our online application below can be completed at any time and is an efficient time-saver for our clients.  A paralegal can also guide you through the process if you are confused or require assistance.

An Estate Plan should never be substituted with a poorly drafted store-purchased document. The Will might be “free” but it could cost your Estate thousands (if not more) in costs to resolve ambiguity if not drafted or executed properly.

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